Local Contexts

The University of Alberta Library and Archives are committed to the development of new modes of collaboration, engagement, and partnership with Indigenous peoples for the care and stewardship of past and future heritage collections.

For more information, visit https://localcontexts.org

We estimate that we have 311 unique accessions with Indigenous content in the University of Alberta Archives (UAA) holdings. In 2021, the Indigenous Archives Intern verified such content. In 2023, the University of Alberta Library joined the Local Contexts Hub, and added the Open to Collaborate Notice to 45 accessions. We will continue adding the Notices to more archival descriptions in the future.

Descriptions of materials that have content related to Indigenous Peoples can be viewed here (scroll down, descriptions are listed below the list of terms).

The University of Alberta Library and Archives house a number of collections and fonds that have content related to Indigenous Peoples. Most often, such materials were created by non-Indigenous people, and their descriptions may not take into account cultural specifics or sensitivities regarding description of and access to these materials. If you are part of an Indigenous community who is impacted by these descriptions, and would like to collaborate with us to help make them aligned with the CARE principles for Indigenous Data Governance, please contact us at archives@ualberta.ca