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Collection · 1831-2013

The Agricultural serials and ephemera collection contains a variety of publications related to agriculture and rural life. These materials have been divided into four categories - Bound compilations; Journals, reports, and catalogues; Miscellaneous ephemera; and Monographic series. These categories are further subdivided by location of publishing body.

96-165 · Fonds · 1910s through 1990s

This collection contains manuscripts, private and official correspondence, diplomatic documents, photographs, and published works (collected and individual) by or about Ivo Andrić.

Andrić, Ivo, 1892-1975

This collection contains material related to the sale of various types of collectable items such as antique furniture, antiquarian books and maps, coins and stamps, firearms, and toys. Among the publications found here are dealer and auction catalogues, promotional brochures, and trade journals and magazines.

Collection · 1953 - 1988

The collection consists of Cameroonian literary manuscripts collected by Arnold, research material about Cameroon and other African countries, teaching material on African art (collected by Nitecki), and a significant collection of slides and audio recordings. The collection is divided into series by subject matter and media type.

Arnold, Stephen H.
Collection · 1930-

This collection contains various publications issued by art galleries, auction houses, and other institutions that exhibit and sell works of art. These materials have been divided into three categories: Annual reports and gallery journals, Advertising and promotional material, and Exhibition catalogues and guides. Also included here are materials related to exhibitions and other art-related matters issued by individual artists and institutions that are not generally involved in the display and sale of art. Such items are described in a fourth category, Unaffiliated artists and organisations.

CCF · Collection · 1899-2023

The Clubs, charities, and fraternal organisations ephemera collection contains publications related to the work of community groups. These materials include a wide range of administrative and promotional items.

CHE · Collection · 1608-2014

The Commemorative and historical ephemera collection contains materials produced in conjunction with the celebration of various national, regional, community, and familial milestones. These materials include historical overviews, genealogies, programmes, and souvenirs. [ca. 230] items

CIE · Collection · 1888-2021

The Commercial and industrial ephemera collection contains promotional and administrative materials produced by various businesses and organisations. The collection consists of [ca. 1650] items and is divided into 20 general categories of commercial activity.
• Arts and hobby supplies
• Automotive
• Banking, insurance, and financial services
• Banks and trust companies
• Clothing, linens, and textiles
• Department and general stores
• Directories and trade publications
• Economic development
• Food and beverage / Grocers
• Forestry and paper products
• Furniture, appliances, and household goods
• Hardware, lumber, and building materials
• Home construction
• Hospitality
• Mining
• Miscellaneous
• Miscellaneous businesses
• Oil and gas
• Publishers and printers
• Sporting goods

Collection · 1967-2010s

The Convocation Hall Recordings Archive consists of over 2000 recordings documenting musical performances at the University of Alberta from 1967 to present. The collection contains student and faculty recitals, performances by visiting artists, lecture-recitals, radio programs, and interviews.

Department of Music
CRH · Collection · 1896-2023

The Cultural repositories and historical associations ephemera collection contains materials related to the administration and operations of various types of cultural organisations. Contents are divided into four main categories: historical associations, libraries and archives, and museums and historic sites. They are then further subdivided by the location of the sponsoring institution or organisation. Total number of items is approximately 565.


The collection consists of materials collected by Dr. Margaret Mackey (1948-) and donated to the University of Alberta Libraries. It contains materials that have been collected by Dr. Margaret Mackey over the course of her lifetime and include books, videos, audio recordings, collectible items, electronic games, reports, ephemera, and some of her personal files. The materials contained in this collection relate to various children's book series that Dr. Margaret Mackey was interested in, including: Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden, L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, Lewis Carrol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, P.L. Traver's Mary Poppins, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz, and Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Along with those series, the collection also contains educational materials relating to mainly the teaching of English. As well as numerous personal files collected by Dr. Margaret Mackey, in the form of correspondences, news articles (print and online), teaching materials, personal writings, and materials related to publisher Pearson P.L.C. This collection contains the following series: Frances Hodgson Burnett and The Secret Garden (1949-2006), L.M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables (1985-2013), Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials (1995-2013), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1960-2012), P.L. Travers and Mary Poppins (1996-2014), Louisa May Alcott and Little Women (1933-2011), Education Materials (1950-2013), L. Frank Baum and The Wizard of Oz (1934-2017), Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit (1955-2013), and Personal Files (1977-2007).

Fonds · 1976 - 1989

The archives consist of records and publications of the ESFCAS, including correspondence, financial documentation, artwork, advertisements, and other ephemera. While predominately textual, the archives contain 10 photographs and several audio cassette recordings of interviews with science fiction writers and of science fiction events. A few textual items are in Russian.

Edmonton Science Fiction and Comic Arts Society
Collection · 1900-

This collection contains material related to the curricula, administration (including documents generated by departments of education and school boards), student life, and alumni activity of various educational organizations ranging from K-12 through post-secondary institutions.
The scholarly and creative output of students and faculty are not generally included here. Literary magazines – since they are often inextricably linked to student newspapers and yearbooks – stand as an exception. Some materials related to extra-curricular student societies and activities such as sports, drama, choirs, etc. will be described in other collections. Exceptions are made, however, for extra-curricular activities that do not possess an obvious home within other categories. For example, documents related to debating societies may be found here.
Categories of materials found here include:
• Yearbooks
• Student newspapers and other publications
• Handbooks and guides
• Alumni newsletters and reunion programmes
• Postcards
• Calendars
• Promotional pamphlets and brochures
• Programmes, dance cards, invitations etc. related to graduation ceremonies and other school-related social events
• Student directories and phonebooks
• Materials produced by and for home and school associations

Collection · 1935-1996

The collection consists of published volumes of political cartoons and other volumes illustrated by cartoonists. While primarily Canadian, a few American and British cartoonists are also represented. There are also a few biographies of cartoonists and related (non-illustrated) examples of Canadian humour.

Collection · ca. 1599-1992 (bulk 1960s-1980s)

The bulk of the collection consists of photocopied material pertaining to plains bison. There is also a substantial volume of offprints, newspaper clippings, published reports and pamphlets, all pertaining to various aspects of plains bison culture. A significant amount of ephemera from various conferences and organizations Arthur was involved in, as well as correspondence, research notes, and course materials are also contained in the collection.

Arthur, George W.
Collection · 1909-1991 (predominant 1970-1990)

The collection consists of published circus promotional materials (programs, posters, etc.), trade periodicals, records of several circus-related organizations that Chapman collected or was involved with, and miscellaneous material in a variety of media formats. The collection is divided into series by subject matter and media type.

Chapman, George James
Collection · 1952-2021

The Government of Alberta ephemera collection contains pamphlets, booklets, and other ephemeral items issued by the Government of Alberta. These materials are organised by the department or agency of publication.

Collection · 1927-1992

The collection consists of reprints and clippings from various scholarly journals, conference proceedings, speeches, lectures, theses, dissertations, and other sources relating to mycology and plant physiology. Items are in English and German, with a few French works. The bulk of the collection consists of German reprints (Series 2) and reprints/clippings of works by Kenneth Vivian Thimann, a highly respected scholar in the field of plant physiology.

Gruen, Hans
AEU-HVA · Collection · 1984-1995

This collection of health information is focused on pamphlets and fliers promoting primary prevention measures to the general public and, to a lesser degree, Health Professionals. The drop-down pages are organized as series level finding aids.

Most artifacts are in English and were produced in Canada or the United States of America. Also there are several artifacts in multiple versions by year, the changes in information between editions is both interesting and instructive.

Although primarily of interest for health researchers this collection may also be of interest to a variety of researchers; for example those interested in depictions of minorities including First Nations / Native Americans, Africans, Asians and sexual minorities. The collection may also be of interest to the following disciplines: Art (graphic design & illustration), Education, Counselling, Gender studies, Graphic novels, History, Linguistics (especially slang), Multiculturalism, Public Health policy, Social work, and Sociology.

96-164 · Collection · 1950s to 2007

Collection includes material from the former Yugoslavia and other countries of the Balkans collected by the Donor between the 1950s and 2007.

Halpern, Joel M. (Joel Martin)
AEU-KOL · Collection · 1970s-2000s

The Kolson Arctic Governance Collection contains various documents, both published and unpublished, related to the political, social, cultural, and economic development of the Canadian Arctic and Alaska. Although some of the unpublished documents are seemingly original, many others are photocopies or other form of reproduction. Manuscript amendments and corrections are present in many items. While the materials range from the 1970s to the 200s, they are predominantly from the 1980s and 1990s.

Kolson, Bren
Programmschriften Collection
Collection · Chiefly 19th Century

The majority of the collection consists of annual reports of a large number of German high schools (mostly Gymnasium) accompanied by a treatise (Abhandlung). Most treatises are in German, a small number in Latin. The majority of the collection was published in the 19th century, with a few going back to the early 1700s. Organized and bound by the subject of the treatise. Here are the largest sets:
Kleine Schriften zur klassischen Philologie –166 volumes
Kleine mathematische Schriften – in two series, I-XVII and 1-38
Kleine pädagogische Schriften – in 3 series, approx. 50 vols.
Kleine historische Schriften, I-LXXXII (approx. 3 shelves, incomplete)
Kleine theologische Schriften I-XXX
Kleine naturwissenschaftliche Schriften – this set includes doctoral dissertations in natural sciences, mostly from the Rostock University (Inaugural-Dissertation der philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Rostock).
Inaugural dissertations can be found in some of the other sets too, in the following languages: German, English, Latin, and French.
There is also a set of reports that don’t include treatises: Jahresberichte ohne Abhandlungen – about one shelf.
Another small run of 10 vols. is called Schulprogramme, where the accompanying lectures, speeches, and essays are on various topics, including school histories.
A number of the volumes have the stamp of the “Biblliothek des Grossherzogl. Real-Gymnasiums Ludwigslust”.

RSC · Collection · 1967-1997

The collection consists of two related items in addition to production programmes. The programmes are a valuable source of information about the Royal Shakespeare Company. They profile the cast of each production, as well as listing the company's personnel. Information about past productions of the play, as well as acknowledgments of corporate and private sponsors, is also available in the programmes. Along with Shakespearian plays, the collection contains other classics, as well as modern works.

Evans, Brian Llewellyn
Collection · 1910s

This collection contains material generated from research in a variety of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. The majority of items held by the Social sciences and humanities research ephemera collection are issues of journals, but other types of publications (reprints, preprints, etc.) may also be found here.

Collection · [19--?]-[200-?]

The Supplemental tourism ephemera collection contains booklets, pamphlets, guidebooks, and other promotional publications related to various tourist attractions. These materials have been divided into four categories:
• Museums and Historic Sites
• Parks and Natural Areas
• Visitor Guides
• Miscellaneous
The categories are further subdivided by location.
The contents of the Supplemental tourism ephemera collection are housed in a single container, listed as STE Box 1.

Collection · 1865 - 1997

The collection consists primarily of journal offprints and photocopied articles bound into volumes according to subject matter. This material was collected as part of Professor Lacalli’s personal library on marine invertebrate reproduction and development.

Lacalli, Thurston
Tourism ephemera collection
Collection · [19--?]-[200-?]

The Tourism ephemera collection contains booklets, pamphlets, guidebooks, and other promotional publications related to various tourist attractions. These materials have been divided into four categories:
• Museums and Historic Sites
• Parks and Natural Areas
• Visitor Guides
• Miscellaneous
The categories are further subdivided by location.

TRE · Collection · 1858 to 2020

The Transportation ephemera collection contains a wide range of materials related to the operation and regulation of various forms of transport. These documents include schedules, promotional materials, histories and commemorative items, guides, and technical manuals. The Transportation ephemera collection is arranged by mode of travel and is divided into six categories:
• Automotive
• Aviation
• Miscellaneous
• Public transit
• Railway
• Shipping

[ca. 575] items

UPC · Collection · 1888-2023

The Unions, professional associations, and co-operatives ephemera collection contains a wide variety of publications related to the work of labour organizations and co-operatives. These materials include annual reports and other administrative documents as well as membership directories, journals, and promotional items. The collection is divided into four general categories:
• Co-operatives
• Farm organisations and agricultural co-operatives
• Professional associations
• Unions, labour federations, and staff cohorts

AEU-SA · Collection · 1950s- 2000s (predominantly 1970s-2000s)

A list of superseded ANSI and ANSI-approved standards in print held University of Alberta Libraries Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF).

Collection · 2013

This collection of science fiction fanzines, apazines, oneshots, convention material, and misc material was donated to the University of Alberta Libraries in 2013 by Chester Cuthbert. The material dates from the late 1970s to late 1980s.

Collection · 1750 - 2003

The William A.S. Sarjeant geological and palaeontological ephemera collection contains a wide variety of materials (monographs, reports, journals, reprints. guidebooks, etc.) related to the study of geology and palaeontology. Some papers from non-geological fields of scientific inquiry are also present.

Collection · 1823-2000 (bulk 1960s-1980s)

The collection consists predominately of journal offprints, but is not limited to newspaper clippings, maps, popular magazine clippings, maps, and a few slides. Material is in English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech (and a host of other Slavic languages), Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Italian, French, and possibly others. The collection is particularly strong in the areas of the history of geology, plankton (and various types of), and palynology.

Sarjeant, William Antony S., 1935-

This collection contains documents and materials produced or used by Canadian Pacific Railway Unions - in particular, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen - in Winnipeg between 1898 and 1968. The collection includes financial records, meeting minutes and logbooks, administrative documentation such as application forms, and cirulars and correspondence.

UAL · Collection

Pamphlets cover a wide range of important topics in the world communism, including the Sino-Soviet dispute. Includes a large number of pamphlets from the British Communist Party and its allies, and pamphlets printed in Albania.