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        Annora Brown fonds
        UAA Fonds 0246 · Fonds · 1926-1982

        Fonds consists of the personal and professional papers of Annora Brown, and includes correspondence, scrapbooks, sketches, reviews, clippings, reference materials and photographs. The majority of the materials date from 1926 to 1982, and were donated in one accession (UAA-1982-116).

        Brown, Annora
        Brigham Young Card fonds
        UAA Fonds 0257 · Fonds · 1920-1987

        Fonds consists of records pertaining to Brigham Young Card.

        Card, Brigham Young
        TL 540 D53 C64 · Fonds · 1910s to 1990s

        Includes photographs, as well as correspondence and miscellaneous materials from Dickins' professional and military career, plus personal memorabilia.

        Dickins, Clennell Haggerston ('Punch')
        Diane I. Persson fonds
        UAA Fonds 0414 · Fonds · 1978-1980

        Oral tape interviews and printed transcripts of interviews conducted by Diane Persson with individuals connected with the Blue Quills Indian Residential School. The interviews were conducted as part of her research for her Ph.D. thesis entitled: "Blue Quills: A Case Study of Indian Residential Schooling".

        Persson, Diane I.
        Edgar Allardyce Wood fonds
        UAA Fonds 0399 · Fonds · 1927-1987

        Fonds consists of records pertaining to Edgar Wood.

        Wood, Edgar Allardyce
        Fur Trade Collection
        FC 3207 F85 · Collection · 1666 - 1871

        This archival collection is composed of textual and graphic materials related to the Hudson's Bay Company, the fur trade in Canada, and early European settlement in Canada. The collection includes correspondence between high-ranking employees at Hudson's Bay Company fur trade posts, personal correspondence between settlers or Hudson's Bay Company employees and their families, and Hudson's Bay Company reports, proclamations, contracts, and others records. The involvement of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian fur trade is also described throughout this collection. With a few exceptions, most items within the collection were created during the early- to mid-1800s.

        Collection · ca. 1599-1992 (bulk 1960s-1980s)

        The bulk of the collection consists of photocopied material pertaining to plains bison. There is also a substantial volume of offprints, newspaper clippings, published reports and pamphlets, all pertaining to various aspects of plains bison culture. A significant amount of ephemera from various conferences and organizations Arthur was involved in, as well as correspondence, research notes, and course materials are also contained in the collection.

        Arthur, George W.
        Gordon R Freeman Fonds
        UAA Fonds 0589 · Fonds

        Fonds consists of materials related to Dr. Gordon R. Freeman's career and research.

        Freeman, Gordon R.
        FC 3212 K44 · Collection · 1676-1933

        This archival collection contains a variety of documents pertaining to the fur trade and other political events in Canada between the years 1676 and 1933. Specifically, it contains printed material regarding the formation of the colony of British Columbia and its incorporation into Canada, as well as manuscripts that describe agreements and treaties made between the governments of the United States and Britain. The archive includes a wide range of business documents, including promissory notes, warrants, and other legal documents relating to payments and goods. It also contains a selection of Voyageur Contracts and documents pertaining to the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company.

        AEU-KOL · Collection · 1970s-2000s

        The Kolson Arctic Governance Collection contains various documents, both published and unpublished, related to the political, social, cultural, and economic development of the Canadian Arctic and Alaska. Although some of the unpublished documents are seemingly original, many others are photocopies or other form of reproduction. Manuscript amendments and corrections are present in many items. While the materials range from the 1970s to the 200s, they are predominantly from the 1980s and 1990s.

        Kolson, Bren
        FC 3213 L55 · Collection

        The Life, Events, and Players in the North-West is comprised of several smaller collections within Bruce Peel Special Collections that contain materials related to the history and culture of the north-west of what would become Canada.

        Patricia A. McCormack fonds
        UAA Fonds 0331 · Fonds · ca. 1888-2022

        Fonds consists of records pertaining to Patricia McCormack and her work as an anthropologist, professor, and lecturer.

        McCormack, Patricia Alice
        Item · 5 Oct. 1952
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        Short biography of Dr. John Chantler McDougall (1842-1917), Methodist missionary in Western Canada, produced in conjunction with the McDougall Memorial Service in aid of the Morley Church Restoration Fund in 1952. References his religious and missionary work as a reverend, as well as his work as an interpreter, negotiating Treaties 6 and 7, and lobbying and working with governments on Indigenous issues.

        Item · 1901
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        Souvenir photograph book containing images of Brandon, Manitoba ca. 1901. Published by W. A. Martel & Son Photographers.

        Includes a brief history of Brandon and area, describing the geography, demographics, and facts about the commercial, social, religious, and recreational activity in Brandon [pp. 3-4].

        Paragraphs providing additional context and descriptions regarding the included images, by page number, comprise the next section [pp. 4-20].

        The remainder of the souvenir book consists of B&W images of Brandon and area, including: portraits of individuals, landscapes and scenery, cityscapes, farms and agricultural buildings, local industry, local businesses and retail stores, Brandon City Hall, personal residences, street views, Indigenous people, hospitals, schools, Brandon College and students, and churches [pp. 21-160].

        W. A. Martel and Son
        Item · [n.d.]
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        Two leaflets for Team Products Alberta in Calling Lake, Alberta, a cooperative of 500 Indigenous artists and craftspeople in those regions. The first leaflet is an information sheet for the Alberta and Mackenzie District and outlines the qualifications and guidelines for products that a person may want to sell through Team Products Alberta. The leaflet also provides instructions for how to send product samples to the company for evaluation. The second leaflet is a blank handicrafts questionnaire that asks questions regarding the seller’s product such as the inventory, price, materials being used, and community support.

        Team Products Alberta
        Item · [ca. 1956-1958]
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        Personal scrapbook pertaining to the Lebret Residential School and the Indian School Teachers' Association ca. 1956-1959.

        Includes photographs [group photograph "Indian School Teachers at Valley Centre Oct. 11 1956"; group photograph of students standing in a field; group photograph "Indian School Teachers' Association at Residential School - Lebret Sask - Aug. 29/57"; "St. Mark's Church with the New Anglican Church Flag flying, September 15th 1957"; "Mrs. Fehr, Miss Elliott, Mr. Fehr leaving for Mont Nebo, driven by Gordon Ahewakew, April 3rd 1958"; "Mrs. N. Fehr & Miss M. Elliott outside Mr. [Earl?] Knight's store, April ? 1958"; "Sandy Lake Sask, Easter Day, April 6th 1958"]; 2 track and field prize ribbons; event programs ["Saskatchewan Indian Teachers Convention 1956"; program and 2 ticket stubs for "Music Festival March 3rd, 1957"; program for the Prince Albert Natural History Society "Audubon Screen Tours" event; program for "Big Band Swing! starring The Modernaires and The Saturday Pro Band - Music of the Glenn Miller Years"]; correspondence and cards [invitation card to "Annual Commencement Exercises" at St. Paul's High [Lebret]; copy of letter with envelope from the Canadian Red Cross Society]; newspaper clippings ["Balcarres plans its first [blood donor] clinic"; "Diefenbaker Meets Citizens [Mrs. Flora Mususkapoe from Sandy Lake presents Diefenbaker with beaded elk jacket]"; "Indian schools contribute work"; "Canada's Northland High School Positions" captioned "2 yrs University. Standards changing"]; and a lesson plan from Saskatchewan Reading Service ["Miss Alice Heenan . . . Educational Consultant"].

        Item · [ca. 1930]
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        "From the boundary of Manitoba north to Lake Winnipeg, a distance of one hundred miles, runs an historic highway, which, as it passes through the City of Winnipeg, is known as Main Street. A buffalo trail, an Indian pathway, it saw later explorers, merchant adventurers, missionaries, soldiers and lawgivers, who crossed it on their way westward. It felt the surge of every tide of settlement. Here the mystery of the West was glimpsed. Here its spirit was felt, its music heard."

        An illustrated history of Manitoba and Winnipeg's "Main Street" highway, told in verse. Each page has an accompanying illustration. Topics and illustrations include bison [buffalo]; Indigenous peoples; voyageurs; missions and missionaries; settlers; soldiers and historic battles; farmsteads; immigrants and immigration; religion; and the railway.

        Item · [ca. 1928]
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        Leaflet written by Rev. John MacLean and issued by the United Church of Canada's Board of Home Missions, which provides an account of the lives of two prominent Protestant missionaries in Western Canada, Rev. Robert Terrill Rundle and Rev. Ebenezer Robson. The leaflet connects the missionary activities of Rundle and Robson to Mount Rundle and Mount Robson, peaks in the Canadian Rockies named after the missionaries.

        Includes additional paragraphs "Two Distinguished Ministers" [regarding Rev. James Harvey, D.D., Ex-Moderator of the United Free Church of Scotland and Rev. E. A. Steinhaur, Canadian missionary; includes photograph] and "Rev. John MacLean, D.D." [regarding the pamphlet's author; includes photograph].

        "Rev. R. T. Rundle, D.D."; "Indian Open Air Service at Island Lake"; "Church Sleigh at Cross Lake Indian Mission"; "Rev. E. Robson, D.D."; untitled photograph of Rev. James Harvey, D.D. and Rev. E. A. Steinhaur; untitled photograph of Rev. John MacLean.

        Back panel of pamphlet includes information about the United Church of Canada's "60 Evangelistic Missions", "45 Day Schools", "13 Residential Schools" and "6 Hospitals" among Indigenous peoples in Canada.

        Maclean, John, Rev.
        Item · [ca. 1953]
        Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

        "The Game Laws are such that a Taxidermist's business in Alberta is impossible. N. K. Luxton will sell at cost over 1000 Game Heads which have taken old Indian traders and himself over 50 years to collect." "We will sell to you at actual cost any game head or game birds we have in our collection. Such an opportunity to decorate hotels, private halls, rotundas, and hotel bar rooms was never effered [sic] [offered] the public before."

        Catalogue of taxidermy game heads and game birds offered for sale from the Luxton Museum collection by Norman K. Luxton.

        Rugs and Skins [Coyote; Black bear; Cinnamon bear; Grizzly bear]; Moose; Game Birds [Ducks; Grouse; Owls; Eagles; Hawks]; Small Game Heads [Wolf; Coyote; Antelope]; Small Deer Heads; Buffalo Robes; Golden Eagles; Buffalo Heads; Rocky Mountain Sheep or Big Horn; Rocky Mountain Goat; Elk [Wapiti].

        "An eighth of the wall space at Luxton's Museum at Banff" [shows a man (possibly Norman Luxton) sitting in front of a wall with many taxidermy game heads mounted to it]; a different room with bear-skin rugs and other taxidermy; "Is there any more beautifu! [sic] [beautiful] decoration for a dining room or library than well=mounted [sic] game birds"; "Timber Wolf Head"; 5 mounted deer and antelope heads; 5 mounted Rocky Mountain/Bighorn sheep heads; 1 mounted mountain goat head; 1 mounted elk head and 1 mounted fish; "Our collection of Indian Antique Curios cannot be surpassed anywhere in the world".

        Luxton, Norman K.
        Prairie Ephemera Collection
        FC 3234.2 P732 · Collection · 1800s and 1900s

        The Prairie Ephemera collection consists of a wide range of photographic and manuscript materials related to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Prairie Provinces. The photographic collection – which consists of both individual images and albums – is highly varied. Scenes of farm and urban life are both well represented. The textual materials are equally diverse, including letters, diaries, meeting minutes, political campaign materials, song books, stock certificates, performance programs and advertisements, among other things. These materials include first hand accounts from homesteaders and visitors to the region discussing the nature of Prairie life in the pioneer period and through the 20th Century.

        FC 3216 S2 · Collection · 1958-2017

        The RCMP Book Collection of S/Sgt. Al Lund is comprised of books, comics, magazines, and print ephemera that document the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Over the course of fifty years, distinguished Staff Sergeant (retired) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Alert Henry (Al) Lund amassed the largest ever collection of Mountie books and serials. His collection was donated to the University of Alberta Libraries in tranches beginning in 2008, and all of the rare materials are now housed at Bruce Peel Special Collections. An exhibition catalogue showing highlights from the Lund Collection was published by the University of Alberta Libraries in 2017. Mounties on the Cover is a visually stunning catalogue that offers a sample of the thousands of cover illus­trations of Mounties that were published. The catalogue for this exhibition can be purchased through University of Alberta Press or Indigo or in person in the Peel library for $25 (cash only).

        Reta Rowan fonds
        UAA Fonds 0362 · Fonds · 1886 - 1979

        The Reta Rowan fonds covers the years from 1940 to 1971. The material consists of correspondence, minutes, briefs, reports, publications, periodicals, newspapers, drawings, print and negative photographs. The books in the Reta Rowan fonds were listed on a separate inventory in 1977. Originally, the majority of the files were arranged in chronological order under the society's or association's title, while the remainder were filed by the organization's name or by subject, or left unlabelled. Mrs. Rowan's arrangement has been followed where possible but all unlabelled or loose files have been placed in the proper year or provided with a subject title.

        Rowan, Reta
        Riel Project fonds
        UAA Fonds 0215 · Fonds · [1869]-1985

        Editorial and institutional files created by the committee working on publishing a critical, bilingual edition of the collected writings of Louis Riel to mark the 100th anniversary of his death.

        Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Sherbrooke
        Roger Pocock archives
        FC 3216.3 P63 R64 · Collection · 1880 - 1991, predominant 1881 - 1931

        The Roger Pocock Archive comprises of records created by or about Roger Pocock. Records created and collected by Pocock were done so over the course of his life and reflect his travels, occupations, and correspondence. These records include his scrapbooks, diaries, letters, contracts, clippings, published materials, photographs, and postcards. Records about Pocock were mostly created posthumously and include biographies and documents about the Legion of Frontiersmen. The archive is arranged into three series: Personal Papers, Published/Printed Materials, and Photographs and Postcards.

        Pocock, Roger
        Sir Samuel Steele Collection
        2008.1 · Fonds · 1870-1978

        Contains correspondences, personal and professional papers, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, maps, financial and legal records, and AV materials. The collection is mainly comprised of records created by Samuel Steele, Marie Harwood Steele, Harwood Steele, and Flora Steele.

        Explore the digital collection at

        Macdonell, Albert Edward Cortland
        Theresa Ferguson fonds
        UAA Fonds 0401 · Fonds · 1976-1978

        Transcripts of interviews with members of the Slavey Indian Band, 1976-1978. The interviewees talk about their childhood, trapping and hunting, camping, social life, etc. in the "old days". The interviewers are particularly interested in the ways in which the aboriginals used fire in the bush, setting fires around their house or camp to clear the land and facilitate trapping and migration on the prairies.

        Ferguson, Theresa
        Thomas Hess fonds
        UAA Fonds 0435 · Fonds · 1950-2007

        Fonds consists of interviews and transcriptions of interviews with Coast Salish peoples living in communities located predominantly in contemporary Washington State. Also includes photographs of communities.

        Hess, Thomas Melville
        UAA-1968-001 · Accession · 1928-1961
        Part of Office of the President fonds

        Accession consists of the records of University of Alberta Presidents R.C. Wallace, W.A.R. Kerr, Robert Newton, Andrew Stewart, and Walter Johns.

        Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
        UAA-1969-016 · Accession · 1908-1957
        Part of William Rowan Fonds

        Accession consists of correspondence, notes, photographs, and sketches documenting the personal and professional career of William Rowan.

        Rowan, William
        Accession · 1884-1964
        Part of Louis Auguste Romanet fonds

        Louis Auguste Romanet, 1884-1964; Writings, correspondence, photographs. Includes MSS "Kabluk of the Eskimo." Glass plate negatives of Gaston Herodier, 1880s - 1940s.

        Romanet, Louis Auguste
        UAA · Accession · 1971-1973

        Published books

        University of Alberta Press
        Accession · 1945-1955
        Part of Morden Heaton Long fonds

        Accession consists of National Historic Sites and Monuments - Alberta Sites files.

        Long, Morden Heaton
        UAA · Accession · 1971-1974

        Office files

        Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
        Accession · 1975
        Part of Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

        Book and research materials for "The struggle for responsible government in the Northwest Territories, 1870-97", by L.H. Thomas, including much material citing A.L. Burt

        Thomas, Lewis Herbert
        UAA-1977-194 · Accession · 1968-1977

        Office files

        University of Alberta Archives
        UAA-1978-103 · Accession · 1977-1978
        Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

        Audio recordings of interviews by Patricia McCormack with Fort Chipewyan residents and negative of "Mary Cardinal".

        McCormack, Patricia Alice
        UAA-1978-108 · Accession · 1912-1972
        Part of J. Dewey Soper Fonds

        Manuscripts and field diaries in binders, published reports from Soper's library, processed reports and photocopies presented to Soper.

        Soper, J. Dewey
        Accession · 1967-1978
        Part of Muriel Oslie fonds

        Accession consists of audio tape interviews with early settlers in the Peace Rive country.

        Oslie, Muriel
        UAA-1978-171 · Accession
        Part of C.W. Mathers fonds

        Accession represents a photo album containing original prints of the Edmonton photographer C.W. Mather

        Mathers, Charles Wesley
        UAA-1979-004 · Accession · [1978-1979]
        Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

        Audio recordings of interviews with residents of Northern Alberta

        McCormack, Patricia Alice
        UAA-1980-084 · Accession · 1968-1979
        Part of Museums and Collections Services fonds

        Accession consists of office files from the University Collections Committee, including correspondence and other records.

        University Collections Committee
        UAA-1980-099 · Accession · 1970
        Part of Lewis Gwynne Thomas fonds

        Accession consists of student essays (History 471) utilizing the William Pearce papers.

        Thomas, Lewis Gwynne
        UAA-1980-170 · Accession · [before 1980]
        Part of Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

        Accession consists of history lecture notes by Dr. Lewis H. Thomas.

        Thomas, Lewis Herbert
        UAA-1980-171 · Accession · [before 1980]
        Part of Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

        Accession consists of Lewis H. Thomas' correspondence with graduate students and others, research files, and clippings.

        Thomas, Lewis Herbert
        UAA-1981-010 · Accession · [1931-1968]
        Part of Muriel Oslie fonds

        Accession consists of the personal diary of Muriel Oslie (in three volumes, 1931-1968), personal photographs, and taped interviews with Peace River residents.

        Oslie, Muriel
        UAA-1981-017 · Accession · 1907-1971
        Part of Lewis Gwynne Thomas fonds

        Accession consists of personal and professional files, notes, books, correspondence and other reference materials of L. G. Thomas (primarily 1956-1971).

        Thomas, Lewis Gwynne
        UAA-1981-053 · Accession · 1976-1980
        Part of Office of the President fonds

        Accession consists of office files from the Office of the President, including staff files, Board of Governors files, President's Advisory Committee of Chairmen files, General Faculties Council files, GFC Executive Committee files, and Deans' Council files.

        Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
        UAA-1982-046 · Accession · 1975-1980
        Part of James McPherson Parker fonds

        Accession consists of correspondence, research proposals, interviews, newspaper clippings, bibliographies, and other research material from the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Project Research.

        Parker, James McPherson
        UAA-1983-110 · Accession · 1978-1979
        Part of Museums and Collections Services fonds

        Accession consists of catalogues of exhibits, including "Inuit Games and Contests: the Clifford E. Lee Collection of Prints," "Childhood: Eight Canadian Artists," and "A University Collects."

        University Collections
        Accession · 1947-1983
        Part of Travis W. Manning fonds

        Accession consists of personal and professional papers of Travis Manning.

        Manning, Travis W.
        UAA-1984-024 · Accession · 1983
        Part of Dr. Roderick Macleod fonds

        Accession consists of "Reminiscences of a Bungle by One of the Bunglers and Two Other Northwest Rebellion Diaries," edited and with an introduction by R. C. MacLeod, published by the University of Alberta Press.

        Macleod, Roderick C.
        UAA-1984-116 · Accession
        Part of Department of Radio and Television fonds

        Original film footage of "Nurses of the North" - done for the Nurse Practitioner Programme, Fort Chipewyan, Holman Island

        Department of Radio and Television
        UAA-1985-036 · Accession · [1977-1978]
        Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

        Audio recordings of interviews of Fort Chipewyan residents (1977), N.P.A. meeting panel discussion (1978) and J.D. Soper (n.d.)

        Provincial Museum of Alberta
        UAA-1986-013 · Accession · 1923-1925
        Part of Clarence Alvin Laverty fonds

        Accession consists of records by C.A. Laverty (D.L.S.) including photographs and narratives of trips to the North.

        Laverty, Clarence Alvin
        UAA-1986-034 · Accession
        Part of Lewis Gwynne Thomas fonds

        Papers from professional organizations such as the Canadian Historical Association and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

        Thomas, Lewis Gwynne
        UAA-1986-106 · Accession · [1924-1980]
        Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

        Copies of photographs from an album of the Oblate Fathers of the Mission of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate from Fort Chipewyan.

        Oblates of Mary Immaculate
        UAA-1987-017 · Accession · [ca. 1909-1979]
        Part of Department of Zoology fonds

        Diaries, field notebooks, sketches, photographs and list of publications.

        Soper, J. Dewey
        UAA-1987-055 · Accession · 1969-1986

        Office files

        University of Alberta Archives
        UAA-1988-020 · Accession · [1940-1987]
        Part of William Clare Wonders fonds

        Personal and professional papers as well as a reference file of press clippings and publications

        Wonders, William Clare
        UAA-1988-119 · Accession · 1970-1987
        Part of Faculty of Arts fonds

        Cree (1970-1987) and Blackfoot (1983) language examinations

        Faculty of Arts
        UAA-1988-135 · Accession · [1977-1980]
        Part of Henry T. Lewis fonds

        Motion Picture: "The Fires of Spring". Original film footage, master footage, print copies, preview copies, out-takes, and other related materials. Film depicts controlled habitat burning in Northern Alberta. Ca. 300 minutes of film and related materials

        Lewis, Henry T.
        Accession · [1963-1988]
        Part of William Clare Wonders fonds

        Accession consists of Alberta Geographical Society event posters, an assortment of photographs, and memorabilia.

        Wonders, William Clare
        UAA-1989-112 · Accession · Apr. 1979
        Part of James McPherson Parker fonds

        Accession consists of the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program project report: "Athabasca Oil Sands Historical Research Project." J. M. Parker was Project Director. There are three volumes: Vol. 1 - Design; Vol. 2 - Bibliography of Published Sources; and Vol. 3 - Bibliography of Government Publications and Primary Sources.

        Parker, James McPherson