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              Item · 20 May 1938
              Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

              "In offering this little booklet to the general public, the object of the club has been to present in as concise form as possible a record of factual information covering the games played by the "Grads" since the organization of the club in 1915. Times without number the members of our various teams, as well as local sports writers, have been besieged with questions relating to team and individual records. It is hoped that this booklet may serve a useful purpose by supplying answers to such questions."

              Contains: Dr. [James] Naismith's Tribute to the Grads; Foreword; Game Records [Alberta Provincial Championships (1914-1938); Western Canadian Finals (1926-1938); Canadian Championships (1922-1938); Underwood International Trophy Games (1923-1938); Canadian Exhibition Games (1920-1937); American Exhibition Games (1925-1933); International Championships (1933-1937); Games Played Coincident with the Olympics (1924-1936); and Complete Summary of All Games Played]; and Interesting Items About the "Grads".

              Images include: player photographs ["Margaret MacBurney"; "Elsie Bennie"; "Babe Belanger"; and "Gladys Fry"]; team photographs (all players identified in caption) ["First Canadian Champions - The "Grads" of 1922"; "Paris Olympic Team - The "Grads" of 1924"; "Amsterdam Olympic Team - The "Grads" of 1928"; "Los Angeles Olympic Team - The "Grads" of 1932"; "Berlin Olympic Team - The "Grads" of 1936"; "International Champions - The "Grads" of 1937"; and "Present World Champions - The "Grads" of 1938"]; and the "Underwood International Trophy".

              Commercial Graduates Basketball Club
              Item · 1951
              Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

              The 1952 Official NCAA Basketball Handbook for Coaches and Officials edited by Oswald Tower. The handbook was published by the National Collegiate Athletic Bureau in New York in 1951. The handbook lists the names of the members of the National Basketball Committee of the United States and Canada as well as their portrait photographs. The handbook includes information about rule changes for 1951-1952 and then lists each rule and all its details. The rules cover areas of the game such as equipment, officials and their duties, players and substitutes, definitions, scoring and timing regulations among others. The cost of the handbook is listed as $1.50.

              UAA-1969-128 · Accession · 1920-1924
              Part of Department of Athletics fonds

              Accession consists of photographs of the Alberta Dept. of Field Ambulance, the University of Alberta basketball team (1920-1921), and the men's athletic executive (1923-1924). The individuals in each photograph are identified.

              UAA-1972-056 · Accession · 1920-1930
              Part of Helen Gibson fonds

              Accession consists of photographs of University of Alberta buildings, female medicine students, Walter Little, freshman and sophomore classes, students' councils, rugby and basketball teams, female athletes, and other student activities.

              UAA-1972-147 · Accession · 1910-1972
              Part of Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation fonds

              Accession consists of scrapbooks and photographs from the Department of Physical Education, including: hockey, football, and basketball scrapbooks (1957-1961); publicity and posters (1961-1962, 1965-1966, 1972); photographs of individuals related to Physical Education (1913-1914, 1919-1920, 1923-1924); photographs of football teams (1911, 1912, 1946); and photographs of hockey, basketball, and track teams published in Evergreen and Gold (1940-1941).

              Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
              UAA-1978-135 · Accession · [ca. 1920-1973]
              Part of Helen Gibson fonds

              Accession consists of: a photo album of student life in the 1920's; a scrapbook from when Gibson received an honorary degree; memorabilia related to the Order of Canada; a memorial booklet about Carl Robert Gibson; and other scrapbooks and memorabilia about Gibson's involvement with the University of Alberta.

              Gibson, Helen
              UAA-1982-027 · Accession · 1913-1942
              Part of Office of Administrative Systems fonds

              Accession consists of photographs of H. Nolan (1913), F. Perraton (1913), Hazel Rutherford (1913), the Student's Council (1914-1915 and 1918-1919), the men's track team (1928-1929), the women's basketball team (1930-1931), senior N.C.O.'s and officers from the no. 4 I.T.S. R.C.A.F., and the R.C.A.F. Wellington Bomber Crew.

              Office of Administrative Systems